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Related post: Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 09:18:47 -0800 (PST) From: Matthew Templar Subject: One Gift to Give - Chapter 2 My gift, the following tale, to those that have shown their appreciation for my other story, is certainly a work of fiction. Even if the manuscripts (unearthed long ago, translated and sent to me by a great uncle) from which this story could have been taken, were true, it would still be impossible to believe. As a gift to you, it is yours to do as you please. But, let me know if you enjoy it. My very good friend, and who is high on my list of those to whom this is a gift, Dwight Wilson, has shown me up again by his quality of editing. I am blessed, and the story is better because of him. Please check out two fine works of art by him. Read 'New Horizon's' in 'Authority' (though it preteen loli i bbs young loli fuck is about the saving of young lolia bbs board those young one's oppressed by authority) and Brad's Idol', in 'Adult/Youth'; the life and love of a boy learning . . . well, you see. Dedicated to those who, having enjoyed the story they virgin girl lolicon just read here in Nifty, respond by telling the author. We all appreciate the feedback. Thank you! Matthew Templar ukrainian angels loli * * * * * * * * * * One Gift to Give The Second Chapter - His Hope Grew Strong The king's decree had caused a hush and a darkness on the whole village, even affecting the children and putting an end to their endless laughter. It was this sound, the sound of children's untamed laughter, that he heard before him, before he could see its authors and, certainly, before he could see the reason for this wonderful noise. They rounded one more corner the other way and there, before them, was that music's source. Three boys were playing a game with a lolite angels models piece of cloth that was knotted tightly so that it was an arm's length; a boy's arm, not a giant's tree limb. The game was to touch another boy with the soft toy, drop it at his feet, then run away before the other boy could grab it and touch you. The memories of that fun grew in the little boy's chest as he looked on excitedly. When he had played, the tool was several pieces of old rope, discarded by the wayside for the boys in his village to scavenge for just such a reason. But this one seemed to be made of cloth, and though similar in type lolicon linklist and length, they were slightly different colors, though it was so dirty from the playing that it was hard to tell. It was just then that the small boy realized young lolit toplists from whom the cloth, or rather, clothes had come. The three boys were playing with lolicon pics sex nothing on, having tied their clothes together for their enjoyment, as the tool in their game. When he realized it, he made a high squeak of surprise, not from shock, but from being caught silly for not noticing their wonderful golden nakedness. This brought gasps from three startled boys and sent their eyes to seek the source of their start. That loli pussy gallery incident caused the man to start a low chuckle that began to grow until he was shaking with laughter and had to put his slight burden on the ground beside him. His bellows began to infect the three unclothed boys and as they began to laugh merrily they made their way over to inspect the newcomer. Of course, the new one was doing his own looking. Before him, and coming closer were three naked boys, somewhat tanned though naturally bronzed by heritage, and only somewhat thin, unlike himself who loli a ls wore his skin on his bones. These boys were older than he also, or certainly larger. One certainly looked as though he was just before the age of manhood for their region, which was thirteen. He looked like he had pregnant loli board more form to his lolicon xxx virgin bilder muscles than those with whom he walked, making him look the more experienced in some way. Another boy was slightly shorter but his skin color was darker, coming from a line of parents who enjoyed a naturally deeper gold tone to their skin. He may have been of the same age or, no, a year younger, the small boy sensed. And the cutest, though all were pleasant to look at, was only a little taller than the new boy, and still enjoyed a body kept warm by a thin layer of fat, making him all the cuter. He may even have been the age as that of their new guest. As much as the boy wanted to participate, he loli cp underage was still so moved by the laughter and all the loli galler new sights before him that he could only look in awe from the nude boys to his man and back many times. The boys knew that, if their large friend brought someone into the realm of the giant, that someone was as special as they were made to be by the kindest human being they could ever know. So it was without worry that they lolicon dark rape came right up to the boy and began to welcome him with their hands, patting him and gently pulling him, surrounding him with their attention. Their laughing had ceased somewhat but their volume only turned to questions of the big man standing behind the new boy. "What you got there?" "Have you `nother toy for our pleasure?" "Couldn't he draw a coin even, not even a barter?" "Pretty slim choices today, wasn't it, big one?" And these and more such comments were shouted; each ending with gallery lolit more laughter and more pats and pushes. As the pushing and jabs began to increase, as loli model sex those things seem to do, it was all he could do to stay on his feet. The boy's face fell down until his chin was against his chest and his chest was rising and falling between sobs. "Young boys!" Immediate silence! Three boys immediately loli porn thumbnails snapped straight up as though their time had come! Even the small boy that the words protected drew up; though, without lifting his head. Though the words were said just above a whisper, there was never a doubt as to their seriousness. "As I recall, it has not been too long since each of you were brought here to be my friends. I find it hard to believe that you have forgotten how frightened each of you were. Why don't you begin your greetings again in the manner that we use for our new guests?" And that was said with a tone that almost made you want to laugh, even though, sensibly, none of the boys did. As the realization that they would still be breathing began to thaw their arms and legs, and as the memory of their first venture around that last corner was relived in each mind, the lolits porno boys began to welcome their new guest with a warmth and honest young loli stories care that was easily understood and received with delight by the new friend of their big one and, finally, the friend of each of them. This time their touches were endearing and soft. They all used their hands to touch and feel every part of the child. The warmth of their hands and the closeness of their naked bodies were a wonderful experience for the boy. Even as their hands slid inside his only garment and glided over his warm skin, he never once compared those loving caresses to the frightening pawing of his horrible stepfather just hours before, and for most of his young life before that. He was, at last, feeling far more comfortable and felt accepted into the group of naked, smooth skinned free foto lolit boys. But that was a problem for everyone! anime incest lolicon "But he isn't like us, is he, big one?" said the tallest of his new friends. Everyone stopped to best lolit bbs look at the speaker with astonishment. "He isn't? How can we prevent this, my young one? What is the cause that you have noticed?" The giant said these words full knowing the answer to the mystery and trying very hard to keep from laughing. "Why this, of course!" the tallest said as he raised his hand and in so doing grabbed onto the new one's slight covering and pulled it off, over his head. The cloth was so thin that the boy hadn't even lifted his arms to ease its removal. It just slit at each side and flew off without the slightest pressure to the boy. Still, he was taken back; and again when all three of the boys whipped around so their backs were to the newly freed boy. As they moved together so that their sides were pressed hard to each other, their arms were as busy as their mouths as they whispered and giggled and wriggled some more, until at last, they quickly turned and held up their handiwork. Immediately the tall man began to laugh, quickly followed by the three rascals whose triumph was soon apparent to the newest of their naked troupe. As they stood together, each trying his hardest to be the tightest body against the next, giggling and squirming, they presented their new boy with their bigger game toy! They had quickly tied the boy's shirt onto theirs to make a bigger toy for their game. However... "Oh!" said the boy directly under the toy, covering his nose. "Ew!" said the one next child loli portal to him, just as a drop of goat's blood hit his forehead. With great drama they threw the toy over their heads to land behind them and that was when they noticed the drying stains all over the boy. As he looked down and saw what they saw, his memory of the day's events quickly flooded his senses and he began to shake with big sobs and tears freely running down his dirty face. loli boys girls russia As one, the boys drew even loli bbs portal nearer and tried, as well as youngsters could only try, to give their new boy comfort. They led him over to another part of the large open area where, from high above there ran a stream of water down the wall and into a large pool at the bottom. From there the water ran over one edge, into a shallow groove eaten into the hard clay floor, and continued into the cave until it disappeared from view. One of the boys went behind the small boy and reached under his arms and clasped his hands together over the boy's chest. When the new boy felt this he russian loli pages turned loli underwear tgp his head and smiled at the one holding him so close that he felt something poking him slightly, just between the cheeks of his little bottom. The boy holding him returned his grin and blushed just a bit at his predicament. Then the two other boys came to his sides and clasped their hands together under his bottom to form a seat, and then lifted him up with no effort. They all walked into the pool, they kept walking until they were in water up to their shoulders. Then they carefully began to lower the boy. They could not know that this was the first time the boy had been in a pool or stream and didn't know that it was up to him to begin to move about to polish loli tread the water. So he sank. For an instant they looked at one another before realizing what xxx asian loli pedo they had done. They all quickly reached out and grabbed at the boy and brought his head above the water. They were amazed to see a smiling, happy face meet theirs. No fear, no coughing, just an innocent look as though it was the most fun ever. This started the boys to laugh as they brought him over to where the pool was shallower. The exhilaration they felt, just looking at this lolicon sex porn small one beam his smile for them, was surely the reason. They began to lightly rub the younger one of a lifetime of dirt and grime, as well as a days worth of blood and violence. They couldn't fully know what the little one's day had been like but they each knew what happened before they came to their safe place. The boy had never felt anything so wonderful. No one, not even his mother lolicon comix movies had spent so much time taking care of him in such a way. He hummed to himself as he closed his lolite pretty eyes and imagined he was the free lolia porn king being administered to by his boys in waiting. Every part of his body was caressed and loved, touched and massaged. No, he had no desire to be king, but the brother of these fine boys; that is what he dreamed. For no one should be want to rule these boys, but he smiled again as his heart's desire grew to return their care and thoughtfulness. Someone was even rubbing into the cleft between his cheeks behind him while someone else spent a long time being extra careful to insure that his boy tool was as massaged as possible. The combination of the two feelings and several more hands on various other parts were giving him a wonderful feeling. He shuddered and realized that he would soon need to relieve himself manga lolit xxx or afford his hosts great embarrassment by wetting them. And they stopped! loli nimphets He opened his eyes to see two boys leaving the pool. The one that remained, who was the oldest and the smartest, gently guided him to stand next to the pool. The wetness felt so wonderful that he was sorry that it had come to an end. But no; it didn't end. "We know this must be new to you," said a soft whisper from his guide. "Please trust us with everything you can. If you feel something that you think you know, you are wrong. What you will feel will be very strange. Please trust us to let it take you to a special place." The loli hentai galleries boy loved the words he heard. He didn't understand fuck hard pedo loli their meaning at that time. He didn't know what to expect but he knew somehow that no one in this already special place would hurt him; so he nodded his head happily as he smiled and closed his eyes again. He heard a soft giggling, then felt a wave of water poured gently, slowly over his head, wetting every part of him in warmth. And the smell, a wonderful fragrance that he would come to know, was from scented soap. Then their hands began to caress him again; six wonderful hands, only slippery and slidey this time. They were everywhere nudist lolis again, sometimes touching lolitta pics lightly, sometimes with more pressure; always gentle. The feelings of a certain impending accident were making him fidget until the soft voice at his ear said that it wouldn't happen; to trust them. The boy grinned black pedo loli and hummed when he gave up trying to understand how the older boy would know that he would need to go. video lolite petite The feelings throughout his body were growing. Two hands were on his hard cocklet and at least two more were playing at his rear end very gently, causing delightful waves of feelings to begin to build. His mind was trying to sort out all of the wonderful feelings. They kept getting bigger and richer. His knees couldn't continue to hold himself up. Then he exploded! It lolicon fuck started in his center and overcame him completely. The feelings that engulfed him were immense and hot and tingling; he had never videos gratis lolicon been to that special place before, for that was sure. He could tell that he was falling. When consciousness was his again, he found himself in the warmth of the pool, being rinse by the same cp kids lolitta pedo loving hands. He was still dazed by his experience and let them guide him out of the pool. Gently, he was helped to sit in the lap of a warm naked boy, whose own boyhood played against the crevasse of his hidden treasure. His eyes opened as he heard loli petite teen a loud grunt. sweet lolitta movie Amidst several giggles of delight he could see the sitting giant holding a huge log that was shaped like...Oh my! The giant was very naked and dark portal kids loli very happy. From his own long pole came a white ooze that seemed to shimmer in the failing light. The huge man continued to slowly caress his huge pole milking his manhood until his breathing began to return to normal. When the man fell back in utter exhaustion the boys grinned to each cartoon free loli other as they watched with pure joy that their huge friend had enjoyed his time too. This caused our young one to begin a low giggle while he watched the fun before him. He heard his warm and stiff boy-lap giggling behind him too. He heard one more, low laugh and looked to see that the man had lifted himself to see the looks of pleasure on his friends by the pool. Two smooth arms came around to hug the little one and softly, their owner's voice told him to go to russian bbs loli his host. Then the arms opened and cupping his young cheeks behind him, heaven lolicon angels helped the boy to stand. He looked down at the boy he was leaving as if to ask him if he would be safe. He saw the young boy's enjoyment plainly poking up at him from the lap he russian loli sites just left. He also saw the boy's eyes expressing their lolia tiny care and encouragement to go. He slowly approached his new big friend and, with help from a huge arm, climbed up into the lap of the warm, hairy man. He felt lost in the depth of the space but the warmth that radiated to him was so wonderful, he felt at home. As he ass loli sat there he could not help but notice the immense pole that lay next to him. The great man laughed and drew forth his covering to drape himself. The young one was scooted just a bit so that the garment was between them. He wasn't glad or disappointed; just curious about the pleasure that quaked his very being and the knowledge that his large friend had just experienced the same fantastic feelings. The source of such pleasure was just going lolicon cgi free soft but he could still feel the heat it radiated. He looked between his own legs to compare what he was given at birth. A huge hand gently rubbed the boy's arm. The little one reached to stroke the great log beside him but a voice filled his 14 yo loli girl ears with its gentle retort. pedo loli pix "This is not for you, my lovely one. You may enjoy all the pleasures that our friends here have for you. But loli 12 I will not distract your growing with my needs, nor will I aid you in yours. You are far too special for me or anyone so old as I to spoil your youth. You will know more of my meaning as you get to know your new brothers more closely. Until then, my lap is always yours to come to, for the rest and love I have for you." "You must help him my boys, for this is his first time in my lap," said his gentle, deep voice. With hearty laughs all three boys ran over and climbed up and began to pick up the little one. The boy was forced to his back and was spread out as they carried him to a pile of covered straw nearby. As soon as he felt the bed meet his body he felt the most curious things. Yes it was! Tongues! Tongues licked him everywhere. There were 'm-m-m's and 'yummy's flying freely as he was bathed over and over again with three wonderful tongues! His board japan loli penis free loli thumbnails seemed to be the center of interest to more than one tongue until he shuddered underage boy porno lolitta with the most exciting feelings...again! One hand smoothed his hair back as that magical place to where he was again taken quickly approached and took control of him. Sparks flew and bright lights flashed in his mind as he rocked and shook again and again and then sunk into a breathless, exhausted daze. When he awoke it was because of the murmuring that he heard only inches away. He startled a little, not remembering where he was, not being on his stack of straw in the hovel that was his home the day before. As he realized where he was laying, moved again by the boys he supposed, to the lap of the giant, a warmth came over him. Even though he was bare and his covers, the giant's arms, were gone, he felt the heat that radiated from his host's body. He felt the beat of his heart too. Some time had passed because the boys were playing in the cave, by the sounds they made. A steady, quiet breathing was coming from the direction of index loli elite jpg his host. He began to hum nude jap loli again. He was in pure bliss. He had never felt so complete; so loved. He was where he needed to be. And he didn't hurt. "So, little one, you have decided to join us again. Rise and wash in the pool with Abdul and prepare for our meal. You will find it simple, but filling and it will help you get strong." Even the large man's voice radiated the warmth of someone who cared for the boy, cared for all of his boys, he guessed. He slowly sat up and was helped to the floor of the vast cavern by Abdul, the largest of the boys he had just met. He turned to Abdul and smiled a wonderful smile, the best he had to offer him. Abdul looked back and smiled once, looked away for an instant and then beamed back at the boy. "I like him, large one. He has a heart that is always beating out a love for those who cherish him; I can tell." "You would know, Abdul. I loli preteen nude knew club seventeen loli you had a gift for revealing a person's inner most being; their heart of hearts. But this wee one has his heart on his arm for everyone to know. He is truly natural angels loli host a dear one." Through this conversation the boy paid no mind to being talked about as though he had not yet arrived or had just left. He was a very good listener and the words he heard delighted kds loli images his preteen bb loli pedo ears. Besides, Abdul had eased them both to the pool where he began to bathe his ward as gently as if he were a porcelain statue. He was pulled back so his back rested on the front of the boy and he was wrapped in the arms that would only fall away from their embrace to rub him clean everywhere. It felt so wonderful to be loved and touched in such a way as that. "But what is his name, my big friend? Do you know it then?" "His paper is at the auction place, in the trash heap in back. I suppose we could ask him." Abdul turned the small boy and placed a hand on each bare shoulder and looked into his eyes. The little one smiled again and this time it made Abdul laugh out loud! "Ha, ha, ha! I cannot look into his eyes, my host. His are so fluid and dance into my heart each time I do. I look at him and my heart laughs until it breaks out into the open, through my mouth. It is a wonderful feeling. It is much like our touching free lolicon hentai mangas times that cause us to gasp and shake. But this is a sweeter feeling and goes to a different place in me, though no less strong." "You talk so strange to me, Abdul. 12yo loli I know that his look of grief and sadness is what caused this servant of boys to grab him from the clutches of the evil scene that was to overcome him last day. I know that his eyes' gleam assured me that he was a fit to you three friends of mine, but to say you laugh when he smiles? What wizardry is in him? What spell has he brought, whether pleasant or rude?" Now, the largest nude lolits man anyone loli photo japan nature had ever seen, or so it seemed to these boys, was not shocked or pre loli young photo angry at Abdul's evaluation of the boy's gift but was merely curious. Abdul seemed to have no choice but to usher young lolitss photos the boy to the side of the sitting man and moved his hands again to his shoulders but with Abdul in back this time, presenting him to free child loli the large man. "At your service and for your inspection, my lord," said Abdul, with a slight laugh. But this caused a shiver to run from the innermost part of the boy to every part of his small body; and it was not a nice shiver, indeed. He flushed when he realized he had just been presented to the giant much as a slave is presented to his owner. He took a step backward, feeling the older boy trapping him there! "Oh, no, wee one!" cried Abdul, when he'd realized the feel and shudder of the fear that rose up in his charge. "Fear not. No one owns you now. No one will if our host has his say. Forgive me for the scare I put in you. Be at ease anywhere in this place. It is yours as much as ours from this day on. Am I saying it right, my friend?" He looked up to the big one who laughed at his friend's boldness. "Well said, my very good boy, Abdul. You have given away our house, our home, just like I gave it to you so many, many nights before this time. We both know that it is of little value if we keep it; so we share it with many, don't we, my small gift of tenderness?" Abdul lolits 14 y.o. giggled sweetly when he heard his favorite endearment rest in his ears. He couldn't have been happier. He knew that he would have to explain the wording that had frightened his new friend, so that the small one knew it as the endearment it was. It was Abdul's story, some sad, but some good pre lolia biz too. With that planned for later, Abdul leaned into the boy's ear to say, "Just look at our host, wee one, and give him what is in your heart this day." At this wonderful invitation, the boy looked into the big dark eyes, and inside his head a ways, enough to see the source of the warmth that he had been feeling as he slept. What he saw seemed to boil and bubble until he could see it overflow, pouring all over the man in an exciting wave of love and joy, unspeakable! So he smiled until it hurt, until he had to laugh and let his mouth so exclaim its joy at the sight before pthc cp loli lost him; he had no choice in this act, nor did he desire one. Now the large one knew of no lotion or liquid covering him such as the small boy saw, loli portasl though he did not know to look for it, but he felt a passion, an inner warmth rise in him and explode at the sight of the smile that his new friend little young lolitta pics bestowed on him. He laughed. It started as just one bubble escaping his throat, then another and more followed until they collided in his throat and unleashed such a loud roar of laughter that the walls loli samples shook and the water splashed and his heart continued to sing it's loud poetic song of joy and peace. When finally he could regain himself and look on the wee one, his eyes were red and his throat was sore, but his body shone brightly and warmed their home that day. This warmth didn't come from the hot ball of the sun above, but from a joyful heart, no, hearts, in the cavern below. The man marveled at such a wonderful blessing as he had received. The sound of the light running of feet drew their three sets of eyes to the cave beyond until they saw the smallest of the preteen loli blogs boys approach at full gallop. "Large one, Abdul, new boy! Our meal is ready and is set out for your pleasure within. Come now, says Naweed, or he will share it with the poor of the village beyond. But I think he pulled my arm, do you?" He looked at them with wide open eyes and mouth, as though expecting their wisdom in the matter, at once. "Your leg, Habeeb. He was pulling your 'leg'," corrected Abdul with a lolits russian nod. "Oh, I don't think so, Abdul, my brother. He pulled my arm so that I turned to him and he told me to tell you of our meal. My leg is just fine." The two, that is Abdul and their host, tried not to laugh but it was impossible, and the sight of Habeeb waiting expectantly only added to their fun. All the while, the newest young one stared with amazed eyes, taking in the love that flowed so freely between this happy bunch of naked boys. He was also feeling free lolipop nude preteens a part of them, as though the evils of another day may have passed him by already. Soon, their meal, simple and good, was being enjoyed by four very naked, happy, laughing boys and their host, the giant. Vegetables and even a piece of goat's meat were the fare that day. The newest boy picked up a piece of the freshly cooked meat and gasped before he brought it to his lips to refresh his hungry body. He looked quickly to the large man for his answer and his new, big friend simply smiled and nodded. The boy returned his look to the meal that once had its place flying through the air of the pens and conking art loli preteen the boy to the ground in a cell of despair earlier that very day, and he wondered how it made its way to their table so soon. He looked again at his large host and smiled his best smile, to which the mighty man laughed out loud. The other boys knew of the story and joined their friend in his merriment, then returned to their talk, their fun and their meal. "My little friend," said the kind voice of his protector. "You have been through much this day and, perhaps for quite some time. My desire is to help you by strengthening your body and your mind; and if you have more fun and loving along that path, then so be it!" A wonderful burst of the happiest laughter filled the boy's ears as each of his new friends expressed their agreement to the huge man's goals for him. His eyes watered as he took list loli sex in the very thought of a life as happy as he had been in the short time he had been in that wonderful place. He thought about his horrible step-father and the suffering he had caused, both to the boy and his family. That was when he started to think about his mother and sisters. The tears began to come quicker as he realized that he missed them already. Then he had the most horrendous of thoughts! He gulped and looked up, into the waiting eyes of his host, who was staring back at him, as if knowing that his thoughts would lead to that moment. But still! His mother and sisters were unprotected against the wrath of his demon step father; vulnerable to his molesting hands. His panic was evident to the others as they crowded up to him and placed loving hands on him to comfort him. But, how did they know? "No, we don't read minds my small one." It was the giant's voice; the one he had come to find the most comfort in. How could one so big, be so gentle and understanding? Then he thought of his mother's husband and how he was so small and putrid. "These boys have suffered through much the same as you and have had your thoughts, just as the boys that fucked loli preteen have come before them and have returned to their special place. So, while they are painful thoughts, they are common among us and they are also easily remedied." The look of hope shone on his little face as the boy looked with bright eyes at his large friend. The other boys were giggling merrily and patting their new brother and lover. They would each give him a hug or a loving push or rub his back, over and over until the littlest almost screamed from all the marvelous feelings they conjured up in him. He would have to work very hard at being sad any time soon, he thought, such was the power of this 'remedy'. "That man that tried to better his monetary status by selling his wife's child will be a much wiser man about such investment choices tomorrow; mark my words. And, beginning with his new education, your family shall know an abundance of gifts and loving gestures from their neighbors until they are ready to fend for themselves." The boy gasped for joy at the unbelievable words issuing forth from one so large; from one so wonderful. Again, the other boys fell upon him with their caresses and loving words to anoint the boy with their love, to be remembered always. As he opened his mouth to confirm what he had heard.... "Oh, yes," said Abdul, beside him. "Our giant and friend is such a miracle worker that we are free to imagine his kindness to our families and not teen loliats be bound to the thoughts of any the pain they may have suffered. Why, he is. . ." And there was crying to the other side of the boy. It was issuing from the youngest of his new brothers, Habeeb. Immediately, Naweed grabbed him in his arms and sat, rocking Habeeb's convulsing, naked body as tears poured like rain and sobbing like it would never cease. "His story is only a bit less new than yours, my wee one. But his family was taken away from him for all time until he joins them in eternity. They were the victims of a violent storm which took them away from him. It has left our small boy with only us to love and look after him. But it is a task that we each treasure everyday he is with us. Is that not correct, my young friends?" By now, all three boys were cuddled on the floor of the cave, crying and hugging, loving and rubbing, feeling one with each other. The newest of them stood next to his host as they looked on the scene of loving until the big one's soft voice fairly cooed its sentiments also. Abdul was the first to look up and indicate with one hand for the boy to join his new family in their time together. He slowly approached and was grabbed around the legs by Habeeb until he sat and was soon engulfed in the warmth and vibrations of their young lives. His eyes closed as they began to sway and rock. Soon a gentle sound came from all around him, filling his ears with the same sensual feelings that his body was enjoying. His eyes opened into the eyes of Naweed who indicated to his host. He looked up and saw the huge eyes gently shut and his enormous mouth barely open, bringing forth a loving song so pure and real, that it sent shivers through him and into the others. They all let forth with a huge sigh that would have told anyone looking on them that they were in an exceptional place of loving and contentment. Soon, the feelings became more real to the small one. There was touching of every part of his body. The very strangest feelings were in his hands, much to his amazement; for his hands were fondling and caressing that which was closest without any regard except to offer what little he knew of giving pleasure to whoever he touched. It felt so natural and intimate. It captivated his every sense as hands explored his chest and caressed his nipples. Another set of hands were running up and down his legs, first in front, then the back passing over free lolicon hentai pics his small bottom with a wonderful feeling, then over his little boy package in front, stopping to squeeze a loving hello to their new toys before moving on. Soon a warm pair of lips began at his nipple and licked and tongued, slowly moving to his other sensitive breast. As new waves of warmth spread over him and his hands were each busy loving a thigh or a chest, he was laid back until his shoulders rested in the lap of Abdul. He looked straight up into the warmest of eyes; eyes that returned his smile with their own, turning Abdul's whole face into a loving smile. A gasp escaped the young boy's lips as he felt his small penis engulfed in a warm, wet mouth. This added to his pleasure ten-fold, the sensations sending shockwaves throughout his small body. Each of his hands was held and each moved to a wonderful place. He had never felt the smooth, velvety softness of another boy's gift of pleasure. In fact, he had found little pleasure when his stepfather had roughly fondled him. Was it as soon as this very afternoon that he was grabbed and hurt by the evil man? But now, as he held and stroked the two warm sticks of hard boy-flesh in his hands, he could only radiate a joy at the feelings being given to him by a wonderful mouth and its loving caresses, coupled with the sensations he was sharing with the girl young lolit recipients of his gentle loving. Soon, he was beginning to feel the welcome urgency that he had grown to love in this very place, only moments ago. He could also feel the pushing against his hands as both thailand loli tour boys were also readying for their ultimate goal. He gripped harder, trying to consider what he would like at this moment. That was almost without possibility as the mouth that owned his small pleasure tool also began to pick up a welcome rhythm. Groans and moans, gasps and cooing filled the room. A rumbling could be heard a short distance away. The boy's eyes opened loli cp board with some concern. He stared directly into the warm pools of Abdul's eyes. Without speaking, they told him that all was well. Then they looked toward their large host and friend. The small one couldn't see in that direction, but he could hear more clearly the sounds of pleasure coming from that direction as well. The feelings began to ignite a fire that was impossible to stop. His breathing became difficult as was his ability to maintain his diligence on the flesh he held in his hands. Then, as if by some magic incantation, an explosion began in the slowest of motions, starting at his inner core and spreading to every part of his little body. So great was this tremendous feeling that he felt hands on his wrists, trying to pull them from the poles he was squeezing tighter and tighter. He shook and jerked with a force that sent the boys an arm's length away so as not to be further wounded by the force of his ecstasy. What bliss, what joy, what all preten loli nymphet encompassing warmth he felt as never before. His head fell back into the lap of Abdul causing the older boy to gasp in some pain from the pressure to his own pleasure package. It left him with little air in his lungs. The small one felt a great surge in either hand and remembered the loving he was giving before that wonderful moment. He grabbed on again, glad that their hot flesh returned to his hands so that he could pass on to his new brothers the love they had bestowed upon one so new to their love. Their moment too was fast approaching. He felt Abdul reach over him to touch and love each boy russiann loli as they loli white panties passed into that wonderful place. They both began to shake and hump into the little hands. It took all of his effort to keep his hands on them; his determination magnified. Soon, they floated to earth again, much as the young one had, to blissfully lay out on either side of their cherished one between them. Naweed raised his head and said in a soft voice for the wee boy and Habeeb to hear, "We have one more lover to empower with the gift of boyhood, my friends and lovers. We should make his flight so that it surpasses the strongest bird as he flies to the highest height possible. It should be as strong as the river outside which flows endlessly to a magical place, I am sure." The light that shined in the eyes of the young one and Habeeb was bright and sure. Their understanding was even surer. They each turned to face the oldest boy who was leaning against his own arms behind him. He was simply enjoying the sight of his favorite little people enraptured in the joy of their experience. As they moved to take their places to administer to him, his eyes got bigger. Then, as he came to know of their little scheme, he smiled for them. Their work seemed even happier for that as they reached for and rubbed every part of the boy who they loved. They bestowed on him the most wonderful feelings, never ending, until he exploded before them in a torrent of cream, quickly rubbed into his skin by his pack of beautiful boys. He had fallen back and was languishing in the glow they left him with. Naweed and Habeeb were quick to cuddle up to him on each side. The newest boy looked on in awe, but a little confused. "I am as sure as I am rather tall, my young friend, that if you were to lie between Abdul and Naweed, they would be all the happier for your closeness." The gentle voice swept into all ears, though softly, as if to gently rest in their ears. The little one looked up to his wonderful host and gleamed. He had heard what he wanted to. Then he looked to the boys. Naweed pushed lightly against Abdul's warm skin to open up a space for one so slim and short; just enough room for a wee one to slip in and be cuddled from every angle, which he did. The day had ended. It was loli child naked the worst day of his life, but it was the best day too in oh, so many ways. He felt himself being cradled and carried into the darkness, but he was not afraid. He felt himself being lowered to a bed of the finest straw, covered by a thick cloth of some kind that made the bed seem even softer. He then felt bodies surround him and cup him and hug; they cuddled up to him in every way. Oh, yes. In many ways this was the best day for a little boy whose life was torn from him, only to be returned in wonderful ways that he could never explain. As the thoughts of that day began to try to take hold of his mind, he saw his mother and two beloved sisters in their hovel. They were on the floor and looked terrified, just like the last time he'd seen them. His tears began and were joined by his gentle sobbing. An arm came over him and rubbed his back, so soothing it was. Another rubbed his thigh, then patted and rubbed some more. "We're here for you, young loli girls little one. We are family for you if you will have us. We love you so much." He reached for loli fuck the arm that rubbed his naked thigh and wrapped his own two arms around it. Even captured, that warm arm moved to rub his chest and tummy, until he could no longer . . . keep his . . . heavy eyes . . . open.This ends the Second Chapter of One Gift To Give I hope you have enjoyed it so farTo be continued with The Third Chapter - teen loli pics His River was of No Comfort
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